A collection of individual narratives that document the remarkable recoveries of over 50 New Yorkers fighting substance abuse.

A publication of the Center for Court Innovation and the New York State Unified Court System, Drug Courts: Personal Stories shares the accounts of the men and women who have turned their lives around by participating in New York’s drug courts -- and the judges and case managers who help make this change happen.

In recent years, drug courts have emerged as a powerful tool for addressing the growing numbers of drug-addicted offenders in New York’s criminal, family and juvenile courts. Drug courts link addicted offenders to long-term, judicially monitored treatment. Drug courts have been successful in reducing recidivism, producing sober and drug-free citizens, and saving taxpayers’ money. Since the first drug court in New York State was established in Rochester in 1995, the Unified Court System has developed over 200 of these innovative courts.

Drug Courts: Personal Stories goes beyond the numbers, delving into the moving and vivid narratives of New Yorkers who have experienced addiction first-hand. As Chief Judge Judith S. Kaye has stated: “Personal Stories brings home the power and success of our drug courts by telling the stories -- in their own words -- of successful drug court graduates, litigants who have turned their lives around thanks to the intervention of the court system and our community partners.”

Drug Courts: Personal Stories documents the ability of drug courts to foster the “will to change” in even the hardest of cases. From Hannah, who was able to get her children back and quit her drug addiction due to her participation in Monroe Family Treatment Court, to Jeff who was able to become a registered nurse after receiving help with his alcohol addiction from Utica City Drug Court, each of the stories in Drug Courts: Personal Stories reveals the power of courts to make a difference in the lives of New Yorkers.

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