Procedural Justice News Archive

  • How Communities are Creating More Equitable Justice Systems with a Focus on Mental Health

    Microsoft News

    In Los Angeles County, home to the country's largest jail population, the city and local organizations are partnering to create more equity in the legal process by focusing on mental health. The Center is helping to implement the LA-based Rapid Diversion Program, which helps individuals with mental health diagnoses connect with case management, treatment, housing and job services, and cases are dismissed when a participant completes the program. "If we’re able to help one person and change their trajectory, it can have compounding impacts for their families and their communities,” Chidinma Ume, our interim director of policy, says. Brett Taylor, senior advisor of West Coast Initiatives is also quoted.

  • What Responsibility do Courts Bear for the Crisis at Rikers Island?

    The New Yorker

    Eric Lach for the New Yorker spends time in the courtroom at arraignment to understand some of the factors fueling the current crisis on Rikers Island. The article cites our research that identified a 2020 spike in judges setting bail and explores the alternatives that judges have to bail--like someone being released on their own recognizance or supervised release.

  • Are Efforts to Improve ‘Fairness’ Enough?

    The Crime Report

    In an effort to improve fairness, a Manhattan courthouse made physical improvements to the building itself and implemented changes in how judges and court officers interacted with visitors. The Crime Report highlights findings from our recent study that these efforts aren't enough on their own to change perceptions of the justice system.

  • The Next Battleground in the Fight to Close Rikers

    Gotham Gazette

    Legislation like the recent New York State justice reforms is a powerful tool, but it's no magic bullet. As former New York Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman and our director, Greg Berman, argue, lasting change also requires the slow grind of transforming practice and culture.

  • A Road to Ending Mass Incarceration?

    Los Angeles Review of Books

    Praising its "vivid" narrative and "balanced prescriptions throughout," the Los Angeles Review of Books looks at Start Here by our Greg Berman and Julian Adler.

  • Our Two Kinds of Criminal Justice, and How to Reconcile Them


    Our director, Greg Berman, argues the fight to transform the American justice system will not be won "from the offices of our foundations, elected officials, or editorial boards." Along with macro reform ideas, look for micro changes in practice with far-reaching implications.

  • How New York City Became the Envy of Reformers

    City & State

    In an op-ed for City & State, our Greg Berman and Julian Adler offer "three underappreciated lessons" from New York City's historic reductions in crime and incarceration.

  • Retrofit for Fairness

    Urban Omnibus

    An interview with the team involved in our procedural justice project at Manhattan Criminal Court. The project's goal is to improve the courtroom experience for all.