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Our Impact

  • 96% of graduates have had no further contact with the criminal justice system

  • 1,300 clinical assessments completed in the Rapid Diversion Program

  • 450 cases have been diverted in the Rapid Diversion Program

LA County Courthouse
This case was a wake up call to take my symptoms seriously and to take my medication. Whenever I feel weak I have people (from RDP) I can reach out to. I’m very thankful for them. I now have healthier habits and I feel optimistic.
A 2021 RDP Graduate

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  • How Communities are Creating More Equitable Justice Systems with a Focus on Mental Health

    Microsoft News

    In Los Angeles County, home to the country's largest jail population, the city and local organizations are partnering to create more equity in the legal process by focusing on mental health. The Center is helping to implement the LA-based Rapid Diversion Program, which helps individuals with mental health diagnoses connect with case management, treatment, housing and job services, and cases are dismissed when a participant completes the program. "If we’re able to help one person and change their trajectory, it can have compounding impacts for their families and their communities,” Chidinma Ume, our interim director of policy, says. Brett Taylor, senior advisor of West Coast Initiatives is also quoted.

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