Arts and Justice News Archive

  • Where Justice Meets the Arts

    A source of beauty and hope and an instrument of change, art holds a mirror up to our society, casting light on injustice while bringing a better world into view. Take a look at some artwork and murals that our teams have recently brought to life to build community, encourage healing, and make justice a reality.

  • Making Space for Safety in Brownsville

    Safety is a basic human need. In Brownsville, Brooklyn, young community leaders are building it with placekeeping, using creativity and design to bring neglected public spaces back to life.

  • Project Reset is Taking Arrested New Yorkers to the Museum Instead of Court


    Art is a powerful vehicle for racial and social justice. Project Reset partners with Brooklyn Museum to offer individuals with low-level cases the chance to dispose of the case through the study and creation of art that explores perspectives. In this video, teaching artist, Sophia Dawson, and two participants, Denagee and Aristides, share their experiences with NBCLX.

  • In NYC, Art Class Instead of Prosecution


    A profile of two participants of Project Reset, an early diversion program that provides individuals arrested on low-level, non-violent misdemeanors an alternative to appearing in court and a way out of having a criminal record. As one notes, “Because once you get something on your record, you’re just viewed a different way.”

  • Low-Level Crimes Avoid Court with Art


    People arrested for low-level crimes in Brooklyn are getting a chance to avoid the court system if they participate in an art course offered by our Project Reset. A a two-hour class at the Brooklyn Museum helps them reflect on justice and accountability.

  • Avoiding Prosecution of Minor Offenses through Art

    abc7 New York

    Project Reset expands to all of Brooklyn in partnership with the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office and the Brooklyn Museum. Our program allows people arrested for low-level offenses to participate in an art course and avoid court and a criminal record.

  • Music Program Brings Bed-Stuy NYCHA Development Together

    The Brooklyn Eagle

    From Blocks to Beats is a 6-month music program that teaches youth how to make and perform music, in partnership with the Mayor’s Action Plan for Neighborhood Safety and Tompkins Houses. The program's first graduation event included 10 graduates and a night filled with powerful performances before a cheering audience.