• Meet our Three New Executive Leaders

    We are thrilled to announce that Sherene Crawford, Dan Lavoie, and Theron Pride are joining the Center for Justice Innovation executive team!

  • Housing is Justice

    Housing is a human right and the foundation of strong, healthy communities. At the Center for Justice Innovation, we are advocating for rent relief programs that will help tenants attain critical repairs and stay in their homes.

  • Cultivating Safety

    Highlights of our contributions to violence prevention and safety.

  • The Power of Prosecutors

    For someone faced with an arrest, prosecutors are arguably the most powerful figures in the legal system. Can this power be leveraged to reduce, rather than expand, the harms of incarceration?

  • The Human Cost of Jails

    Any time in jail can be life-threatening for incarcerated people, many of whom are awaiting trial and cannot afford to pay bail. The rising death tolls on Rikers Island and in jails across the country underscore the need for safer, more humane responses to the challenges facing our communities.