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  • Rethinking Rikers Island

    By providing support to the Independent Commission on Criminal Justice and Incarceration Reform, we're aiding in the effort to reduce New York City’s jail population and close Rikers Island.

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  • Once-Resistant Rural Court Officials Begin to Embrace Medications to Treat Addiction


    In this article, our Director of Treatment Court Programs Monica Christofferson comments on the increasing acceptance of medication for opioid use disorder (MOUD) in the drug court system. The story follows Tennessee Judge O. Duane Slone, his pilot programs with MOUD, and the successful recoveries of participants like Rachel Solomon. In short, as Christofferson put it: “MOUD works.”

  • Connecticut prosecutors strive for efficiency, equity through 'Moving Justice Forward' initiative

    Connecticut Public Radio

    Connecticut Public Radio gives a brief outline of the Moving Justice Forward project, which we helped develop in partnership with Connecticut's Division of Criminal Justice. Alternatives to incarceration, robust training for prosecutors, and concerns about wrongful convictions were among the topics discussed at a July press conference on the initiative—highlighting the urgency of efforts to create a fairer, more effective legal system for all.

  • Connecticut prosecutors adopt plan to ‘move justice forward’ with efficiency and fairness

    FOX 61

    Expanding diversion options prior to prosecution is vital to keeping youth and other people out of the legal system and in community-based services. FOX 61 discusses these options with Louis Mattei Jr., one of the community voices behind Moving Justice Forward—our project with the Connecticut Division of Criminal Justice to identify areas of improvement within the state’s justice system. This segment gives a preview of the ten-point action plan for reform we helped to create, and features statements from prosecutors and other stakeholders who worked on the project.

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