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  • Safe Spaces for Community Healing

    Summer is here, and that means our RISE team is out in the community, addressing intimate partner and gun violence by creating safe spaces for healing and wellness.

  • Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Centering Support, Safety, and Survivors

    Domestic violence goes to the heart of the challenge of building safe and just communities, and demands that we listen deeply to the needs of survivors and others who have experienced harm; that we involve the community intimately in decisions about safety and accountability. This Domestic Violence Awareness Month, learn how we at the Center for Justice Innovation put these ideas into action.

  • A Supreme Court Decision Keeps Children in Their Communities

    Native children navigating the child welfare system are uniquely vulnerable. Read about the recent Supreme Court decision that protects their right to stay connected to their families and communities—and the smaller, no less inspiring efforts to support them on the ground.

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