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  • Neighbors in Action

    Neighbors in Action works to make the central Brooklyn neighborhoods of Crown Heights and Bedford-Stuyvesant safer and healthier for all.

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  • Making Space for Safety in Brownsville

    Safety is a basic human need. In Brownsville, Brooklyn, young community leaders are building it with placekeeping, using creativity and design to bring neglected public spaces back to life.

  • 'A Space for Everyone to Come To': Placekeeping in Brownsville

    Vital City

    This photo essay displays Brownsville Community Justice Center's work in placekeeping and includes personal narratives from members of the Youth Leadership Council who dreamt up the spaces that will foster healing in their community.

  • Designing New York: Streetscapes for Wellness

    NYC Public Design Commission

    Youth participants of our Brownsville Community Justice Center considered how physical spaces can foster healing from traumatic events. They envisioned shared public installations and helped create them to cultivate healing and comfort. These unique spaces designed for their community were highlighted in NYC Public Design Commission's "Streetscapes for Wellness" report! Take a look at these "healing spaces" (page 58).

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