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New York State Chief Judge Janet DiFiore visits Legal Hand Brownsville for an open house event
Judges Pay a Visit

New York State Chief Judge Janet DiFiore, third from left, and Chief Administrative Judge Lawrence Marks, third from right, visit Legal Hand in Brownsville, Brooklyn.

Community volunteers are trained to work with visitors one-on-one to help solve their legal issues.
A Cadre of Volunteers

Community volunteers are trained to work with visitors one-on-one to help solve their legal issues.

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    Fact Sheet: Housing Justice

    Housing is a human right and the foundation for strong communities. Access to a safe and affordable home creates economic and community stability. This fact sheet highlights the challenges and how our staff are working to prevent evictions, help landlords address health hazards, and increase tenant financial and legal empowerment. By addressing issues early, we keep people safely housed and avoid legal system involvement that can affect employment, family security, and future access to stable housing.

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    Eviction Prevention and Mental Health

    While eviction is a universally stressful event, people with mental health conditions can face unique obstacles with housing retention for reasons related specifically to their disability. This guide provides a review of housing settings and specific risks of eviction for individuals with mental illness before focusing on housing court and the challenges these individuals and court personnel face therein and identifies junctures at which supportive, problem-solving interventions can ensure the necessary community supports and legal representation.

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    Fact Sheet: Legal Hand

    At Legal Hand, our trained community volunteers provide free legal information, assistance and referrals to help members of low-income communities resolve issues that affect their lives, in areas like housing, family, immigration, divorce, domestic violence, and benefits and try to prevent problems from turning into legal actions.

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