Neighborhood Safety Initiatives

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Our Impact

  • 365 NYCHA residents across five boroughs make up the resident teams led by  Neighborhood Safety Initiatives

  • 60,000 NYCHA residents reached

  • $550K in funds accessed by teams to complete resident-driven projects to improve public safety.

Kisha, Resident of Tompkins Houses
“I’m passionate about the beautification of Tompkins because it matters. It matters. It really matters. Not just for the beautification but the upliftment for the people. ”
Kisha Resident of Tompkins Houses

Publications & Digital Media

Publications Results

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    Fact Sheet: Housing Justice

    Housing is a human right and the foundation for strong communities. Access to a safe and affordable home creates economic and community stability. This fact sheet highlights the challenges and how our staff are working to prevent evictions, help landlords address health hazards, and increase tenant financial and legal empowerment. By addressing issues early, we keep people safely housed and avoid legal system involvement that can affect employment, family security, and future access to stable housing.

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    Changemakers in Action: Jukie Tsai

    A lifelong New Yorker, Jukie Tsai’s work with the Center has taken him all over the city. “I’m still surprised by how massive this city is and how many wonderful communities there are.” As a planner with our Neighborhood Safety Initiatives program, Jukie currently works with residents in public housing to co-create meaningful community change through tenant-directed projects including building community gardens, designing lighting improvements, and creating public artwork. “There’s so much expertise among residents about what is going on and needs to be addressed.

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    Fact Sheet: Neighborhood Safety Intiatives

    This fact sheet describes Neighborhood Safety Initiatives, a program of the Center for Justice Innovation, seeks to improve public safety in New York City by investing in residents, transforming public spaces, and influencing policy. The program provides training to local residents, agency partners and key community stakeholders in community organizing, human-centered design, and re-envisioning public spaces to promote wellbeing. Residents propose tangible solutions to challenges and learn how to access the resources needed to carry them out and support community safety.

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Press Results

  • Where Justice Meets the Arts

    A source of beauty and hope and an instrument of change, art holds a mirror up to our society, casting light on injustice while bringing a better world into view. Take a look at some artwork and murals that our teams have recently brought to life to build community, encourage healing, and make justice a reality.

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