Red Hook Community Justice Center

Photo of Community Outreach at the Justice Center


  • Peacemaking Program

    Building on a traditional Native American approach to justice, the Center’s peacemaking programs focus on healing and community restoration rather than punishment.

  • Youth Court

    Youth courts train teenagers to handle real-life cases involving their peers, offering a restorative response to misbehavior.

  • Housing Resource Centers

    Through housing, financial, and legal assistance, we help tenants navigate housing court to resolve critical repairs and prevent evictions.

  • Driver Accountability Program

    The Driver Accountability Program is an innovative response to driving-related offenses that seeks to improve traffic safety and increase accountability among dangerous drivers. 

Our Impact

  • 3 of 4 defendants receive social services instead of jail or fines

  • 1% Less than 1% of cases receive jail at arraignment

  • 20% drop in re-offending among juvenile defendants; adult re-offending was reduced by 10%

Makayla Lovette testimonial
Even though I first came to the Justice Center because I had a conflict it turned out to be something positive for me and I think that’s just what the Community Justice Center is for everybody in Red Hook.
Makayla Lovette Participant at the Red Hook Community Justice Center

Photo Gallery

Demitri Stanle an alumnus of the Red Hook Youth Court
Youth Court Alum Helps Launch Contest

Demitri Stanley, an alumnus of the Red Hook Youth Court and intern with the New York Police Department, addresses a news conference at the launch of the #MyBrooklynStory contest. Seated at left is Police Commissioner James O'Neill.

Red Hook Community Justice Center Service
Beautifying the Neighborhood

Young people from the Justice Center's summer internship program team with local police officers to beautify a prominent corner on Red Hook's main business corridor.

Red Hook Community Justice Bridging the Gap
Breaking Down Stereotypes

‘Bridging the Gap’ events bring together young people, local police officers, and community members to break down stereotypes on all sides. 

Red Hook Community Justice Center 'Bridging the Gap' event
Bridging the Gap

At the third 'Bridging the Gap' event, Officer Fuentes of the 72nd Precinct talks with a community member. (Photo by Lauren Henschel.)

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Press Results

  • Red Hook NYCHA Tenants Waiting Months For Gas Want Answers

    City Limits

    Residents of New York City’s public housing system are routinely forced to live without kitchen gas, electricity, and heat, sometimes for days or weeks on end. With support from the Red Hook Community Justice Center, some tenants of Brooklyn’s Red Hook Houses are seeking compensation—and a new bill sponsored by Assembly Member Marcela Mitaynes proposes to reduce tenant rent during utility outages.

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