Supervised Release Program

supervised release program

Our Impact

  • 12,000 Since 2016, our Supervised Release program has helped people avoid bail—and potentially Rikers Island—in more than 12,000 cases.

  • 87% of Supervised Release participants exiting the program attended all pretrial court appearances.

  • 916 referrals to community-based services for participants were made by our social workers and case managers in 2020.

Jamaal Anderson, supervised release client
"Having someone there to steer you in the right direction really was a big help for me. I had to not let [my case manager] down, as well as myself."
Jamaal Anderson Client of our supervised release program at Bronx Community Solutions

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  • Do We Protect NYC by Jailing New Yorkers?

    NY Daily News

    Written by Vincent Schiraldi, the former commissioner of New York City’s Departments of Correction, this article urges looking at New York City's history of substantially reducing incarceration over decades while simultaneously lowering crime when currently evaluating bail reform. With links to our Jail in New York City Evidence-Based Opportunities report, Schiraldi cites our research stating that individuals sentenced to city jails increases a person’s recidivism rate.

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